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    PWD's Epic Tutorial


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    PWD's Epic Tutorial

    Post by PoorlydoneWork on Sat Oct 30, 2010 1:29 pm

    [size=175]To PWD's Epic Tutorial[/size]

    [size=150]Lesson 1: Walking[/size]

    Walking is probably the most basic movement in pivot. It is most likely the first thing you will learn, and use it wisely.

    In our first frame, we'll have the stickman already starting the walk.

    1st frame:

    now we move the movement foot (touching the ground) back and the travel foot (in the air) forward and a little straightened. Note that i move the arms and back in the process.

    2nd frame:

    Now we straighten the leg even more, move the movement leg even farther back, and move the arms closer together. Still moving the back.

    3rd frame:

    4th frame:

    5th frame:

    6th frame:

    And the final product is:

    Hope it was helpful!

    [size=150]Lesson 2: Easing[/size]

    Easing will contribute to both smoothness and realisticness to your animation. Easing is one of the most important techniques in pivot aside from walking.

    In our first frame, we have our test subject, a ball, which i will demonstrate easing with. The black ball is the subject and the grey ball is where we started from.

    In the first frame, we have the grey ball behind the black one, and everything is in the place it starts from.

    1st frame:

    Now we slightly move the black ball, but keep the grey ball the same. don't touch the grey ball from here on out.

    2nd frame:

    move the black ball a little more than last frame

    3rd frame:

    a little more...

    4th frame:

    now you are pretty much doubling it

    5th frame:

    double with a little more...

    6th frame:

    now start to lessen the amount doubled:

    7th frame:

    slowing even more

    8th frame:

    9th frame:

    10th frame:

    11th frame:

    almost stoppped

    12th frame:

    and... FINALLY! were done! stopped!

    13th frame:

    and the final product is:

    Now you've learned how to ease; easing is a key factor in creating heavily spaced animations. example:

    thats one of mah newest animations.

    Hope this helped Wink

    More to come soon... Like:
    Lesson 3: Fighting
    Lesson 4: Creating/editing
    Lesson 5: Production


    Re: PWD's Epic Tutorial

    Post by Guest on Sat Oct 30, 2010 3:16 pm

    Sorry to bump but i think you should fiz that "size" stuff BTW.

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    Re: PWD's Epic Tutorial

    Post by Pivotphone on Sat Oct 30, 2010 3:21 pm

    that wasnt a bump posted today and nice tut by the way

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    Re: PWD's Epic Tutorial

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