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    Post by Mythic on Sat Mar 05, 2011 11:09 pm

    I want to make it clear that with Ga'hoole, Faerie Realm and a whopping approximate total of two modding jobs, five administration jobs and three team positions over various sites including backup positions and not including Webmastering, I do not have time to be on here constantly. I have actually turned down two mod offers, one by a RL friend of mine and one on a site I am on 24/7. That should say something.

    I am strictly applying to be on here when staffing is very low and someone else desperately needs to be pulled in. For instance, during Final Exam time. Wink I have no classes when most people have those.

    admin, mod, gfx mod.
    how long have you been a part of adoptanoob: since December 23, 2010
    website/forum experience: read my first paragraph for leadership experience; former Kraken host uotm. (Kraken died about 2-3 years ago)
    if yes example of work: I do not use pivot myself, an example of my work is (REMIND ME LATER AT 2405387105@vzwpix.com)
    are you good with people: yes.
    can you resolve disputes, and follow all rules: yes, I have never broken a rule ever. except the one about not leaving going into the woods.... but who DIDN'T break that rule...
    can you enforce rules? I have authority, a thin stream of which ha gifted me with the mod abilities for many years Wink
    why you should be an admin/mod/gfx mod?

    Because sooner or later, you need a backup. And that's why I'm here...

    details needed can be emailed to the one stated above Wink I will answer asap, just wait 10 minutes.

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    Post by pivotmaster on Sun Mar 06, 2011 11:23 am

    very impressive approved, and for now no more mods but 1 more gfx mod needed

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